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OPEN SCHOOL: Remember Us to Life – drawing loss, tracing lives

Author and graphic novelist Joanna Rubin Dranger in conversation with graphic novelist Emma Rendel and author Moa Matthis, about the documentary graphic novel Remember Us to Life.

Remember Us to Life” contains six different stories that are interwoven and span over 120 years of Jewish life in Sweden, Norway, Poland and Russia/the Soviet Union, USA and Israel.

The detective work to find out what really happened to the relatives that had “disappeared” during World War II led to three continents and through time. While those murdered entered into the light, the darkness threatened to devour anyone looking deep into it.

Contrary to the notion that the Jewish minority would embrace the memories of the Holocaust, the story shows that an active forgetfulness of trauma is the basic human impulse for those affected.

But “Remember Us to Life” is not only a narrative about the Holocaust. The book also challenges the national notion of Sweden before World War II as ethnically homogeneous.

“Remember Us to Life” is a plaitwork of texts, intertwined with documentary material, photos and drawings, for example cards from the nazi registers over Swedish Jews.

Patrick Lacey , patrick.lacey@konstfack.se

Institutionen för design, inredningsarkitektur och visuell kommunikation

Poster by Fredrik Wikberg/VKM2.

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